Saturday, November 15, 2014


rises and shines brightly in this life
eases life and no emotions of strife

giving of heart, is a little like knife
paranoia stirs, over a clock of rife!

bathing in loving affections demure
soothing skin massages very pure

slow and fast kissing a lot for sure
cold rooms pets a real bachelor

friends for years soothing distress
profile seem to be stone, caress

timing is nothing new apparently
now blue too much incoherently

not sinking in punishing remarks
over fifteen minutes disembarks

all seems too much &so the key
will be returned &heart back to sea

all of years survival same profile
hates revealed open heart for defile

reignite love seems very/ unrequited
returning to bed totally blighted

life will continue no drama is left
back three years to a heart bereft

again! dreams only return nightmare
true lover would be too much of scare!

realizing why so many are left alone
love's not enough people bemoan

matters that cannot be deal breakers
stiff and rigid rulers, 'love takers'

phoenix was just your life enhancer
no users, no control issues, no dancer


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