Friday, December 4, 2009

Last Call

While climbing through the Tower at Antietam Battlefields remembering how Maryland tried so hard to stay neutral suddenly overwhelmed by armies from both the North and the South. I found my memories had created the sounds in my head of the last call of the dying and the ground flooded with blood for a mile or more.
As the smoke and noise and desisting armies left Maryland, burying the memories of thousands upon thousands of men. Imagine fighting in their very own back yards, fields and meadows! Those in the nearby towns and villages never able to release the memories of those who had screamed their last call! Momma, daddy, or the name of their True Love! And tomorrow never comes.
The very sounds of the muzzles firing and cannons blasting and the smoke rising in the air for miles. As I came back to reality and 2009 descending down the steps of The Tower, the sounds fade from my head as I exit the acres of the huge park.
The sounds inside my mind are silent now as I enter a small city where the local buried their dead from that day next to a huge church, where the stones go on and on. Hearing the silent pain and screams from inside those who were experiencing that solemn moment of prayer remembering the ones going home for His last call as those left behind determine the permanent memory of those loved in their minds for eternity!

Sharon Rose T. ©