Monday, March 10, 2014

Over Seas Horizons?

Blindly peer; no seer, even treetop.
For no can see it? Wish could be?
What the futures may hold; even
be…we pray, hope with wonder.

Remembrances’ gone with old loves
Spring arrives with new births; maybe
days and nights, pass on and on..panic.
Hoping the best, seer with glee or not.

Outcomes, searching, missing loves
tortured hearts, lots and lots of seas.
A world of wonder and evil continues
watching and waiting as people do.

Sadly years wasted, nowhere are they?
Clear skies and waters, everlasting
unknowns? Cruelty, despairs, they will
never recover all the answers. Fearing

all are lost; rumors of hate add to those
with despair. Continued to haunt them.
Loved ones, whereabouts confused…
tears, and torn hearts, were they blown?

Or stolen away; to no where? Invisible
disintegration; or under the radar? Hope
beyond faith; that is where families be!
Spectators saddened, news speculates!

Hope deferred, inferred, gained and lost!
Prayers are with you all. Mustard seeds
we have and we will do our best.
Horizons of seas go on and on.

Sharon Rose T. ©
Note: Holy Spirit reveal what needs to be seen!
Missing 7  plane. Thoughts and wonder.