Saturday, July 12, 2014

Can Humans Ever?

conceive the suffering
continued prolonged
nagging relentless
sorrow of months
and months, endless
torturing thoughts
families separated,

by oceans,

by jungles,

by war,

by mankind!

The hope deferred
multiplicity of errs
endured by young
and old alike seeking
answers, seeking pings,
seeking mercies, grace
that does not arrive.

News that is never
good! False hopes
failed finds, no traces

of loved ones,

of your child,

of your daughter,

of your sons.

cruelty of man
on its own kind.
After all we are
all one kind, on
one planet. Stuck
in time with ourselves.

Who are we as humankind?

When will we all see
the same love, live in
kind hope and peace with
the earth and each other.

Just asking.