Thursday, May 14, 2009


Sharon Rose T. ©

Lion Seated Stance,

Touch me! Your all boy love

Blacken face jowl shake!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Entering Another Culture

On the surface,
Men in black,
Mind's eye lens,
Some she's clad in skin.
Gasoline and odoriferous rubber,
Entering underground.

Like Shakespearean stages,
Catwalks ' "Four Corners,"
Leather and safety.
Men in blue and gray,
Crosswalks and music,
Appetites soar from searing air.

Boots on wood decks,
Akin to Blackbeard's day.
Shipping on land,
Oh, what a sight,
Vendors with ware,
Speaking with care.

Tomorrow brings sun,
Entering another culture,
Oh, what fun, seeing!
No hatred here,
Others and Harley's galore,
Sharing and ogling!

Chrome and mirrors,
Testosterone and pipes,
Oh, the sight of rubber chips.
Free tires today, Oh yeah!
Peaceful and free,
America, how it used to be!

Wind in your hair,
Freedom to dare.
Nowadays posse's in blue,
Snare those crossing the limit.
Underground stay put,
You may be America's last stand!

Don't give up and don't quit,
That's what He would say.
Live for today,
Tomorrow may not come.
Ships still sail daily,
See you on the 'Catwalks'!

Our World (from my Auntie)

Looking through memories of
a recent photo exchange within
families I found this in our
family photos and now I see why my
families love to visit us as we
live in an Awesome Place!
Awesomely designed for us all!
Just wanted to share some wet landscapes.
If you want to see the details just click on
the pictures and they will enlarge.
Enjoy the views. This is where I live everyday!
More to come I'm sure. LOL Still