Saturday, November 15, 2014


rises and shines brightly in this life
eases life and no emotions of strife

giving of heart, is a little like knife
paranoia stirs, over a clock of rife!

bathing in loving affections demure
soothing skin massages very pure

slow and fast kissing a lot for sure
cold rooms pets a real bachelor

friends for years soothing distress
profile seem to be stone, caress

timing is nothing new apparently
now blue too much incoherently

not sinking in punishing remarks
over fifteen minutes disembarks

all seems too much &so the key
will be returned &heart back to sea

all of years survival same profile
hates revealed open heart for defile

reignite love seems very/ unrequited
returning to bed totally blighted

life will continue no drama is left
back three years to a heart bereft

again! dreams only return nightmare
true lover would be too much of scare!

realizing why so many are left alone
love's not enough people bemoan

matters that cannot be deal breakers
stiff and rigid rulers, 'love takers'

phoenix was just your life enhancer
no users, no control issues, no dancer


Monday, August 25, 2014


Worlds' greatest minds taken!
For religion?
For prejudice?
For lies told by bullies?
Power hungry
control freaks!
most of us
throughout the world
can fly together, share the
same space, the same air,
What is wrong with you?
An entire
world of toleration and reason
are not wrong?
Tunneling like rats,
in the dark,
looking beyond guilty.
Going to sway minds,
I doubt it
obvious you are,
tornadoes of
Logic is taught,
Planes downed,
full of
world wide citizens,
mass distraction to make war profits.
We are aware.
You also
are obvious.
There is
no winning
a PR war
we see.
All can see.
Stolen bodies,
living women,
living girls,
broken hearts,
widows, widowers,
sons, and daughters.

Mothers' Fathers'.
Your prices
More than 
world sees you.
weak minds
time of
mass distress.
murderous hearts.
And Ebola.....

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Can Humans Ever?

conceive the suffering
continued prolonged
nagging relentless
sorrow of months
and months, endless
torturing thoughts
families separated,

by oceans,

by jungles,

by war,

by mankind!

The hope deferred
multiplicity of errs
endured by young
and old alike seeking
answers, seeking pings,
seeking mercies, grace
that does not arrive.

News that is never
good! False hopes
failed finds, no traces

of loved ones,

of your child,

of your daughter,

of your sons.

cruelty of man
on its own kind.
After all we are
all one kind, on
one planet. Stuck
in time with ourselves.

Who are we as humankind?

When will we all see
the same love, live in
kind hope and peace with
the earth and each other.

Just asking.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Over Seas Horizons?

Blindly peer; no seer, even treetop.
For no can see it? Wish could be?
What the futures may hold; even
be…we pray, hope with wonder.

Remembrances’ gone with old loves
Spring arrives with new births; maybe
days and nights, pass on and on..panic.
Hoping the best, seer with glee or not.

Outcomes, searching, missing loves
tortured hearts, lots and lots of seas.
A world of wonder and evil continues
watching and waiting as people do.

Sadly years wasted, nowhere are they?
Clear skies and waters, everlasting
unknowns? Cruelty, despairs, they will
never recover all the answers. Fearing

all are lost; rumors of hate add to those
with despair. Continued to haunt them.
Loved ones, whereabouts confused…
tears, and torn hearts, were they blown?

Or stolen away; to no where? Invisible
disintegration; or under the radar? Hope
beyond faith; that is where families be!
Spectators saddened, news speculates!

Hope deferred, inferred, gained and lost!
Prayers are with you all. Mustard seeds
we have and we will do our best.
Horizons of seas go on and on.

Sharon Rose T. ©
Note: Holy Spirit reveal what needs to be seen!
Missing 7  plane. Thoughts and wonder.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

What Can You Do?

100% recycled materials Sharon Rose T. ©



Use bicycle.

Don’t despair.




But nature:

Cannot be

… Replaced!



Not in haste,

Pelican muse.

Made from waste.


Be mature.

Do your best!

Know for sure.

Real test.

Save your




  Sharon Rose T. ©                                                            

Friday, December 4, 2009

Last Call

While climbing through the Tower at Antietam Battlefields remembering how Maryland tried so hard to stay neutral suddenly overwhelmed by armies from both the North and the South. I found my memories had created the sounds in my head of the last call of the dying and the ground flooded with blood for a mile or more.
As the smoke and noise and desisting armies left Maryland, burying the memories of thousands upon thousands of men. Imagine fighting in their very own back yards, fields and meadows! Those in the nearby towns and villages never able to release the memories of those who had screamed their last call! Momma, daddy, or the name of their True Love! And tomorrow never comes.
The very sounds of the muzzles firing and cannons blasting and the smoke rising in the air for miles. As I came back to reality and 2009 descending down the steps of The Tower, the sounds fade from my head as I exit the acres of the huge park.
The sounds inside my mind are silent now as I enter a small city where the local buried their dead from that day next to a huge church, where the stones go on and on. Hearing the silent pain and screams from inside those who were experiencing that solemn moment of prayer remembering the ones going home for His last call as those left behind determine the permanent memory of those loved in their minds for eternity!

Sharon Rose T. ©

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Sharon Rose T. ©

Lion Seated Stance,

Touch me! Your all boy love

Blacken face jowl shake!